Car Insurance Coverage Options Beyond the Basics

Understand the common types of auto coverage and get the insurance you want, to fit your budget.

A typical Car insurance policy covers you from having to pay for damages you cause. For truly personalized coverage though, Farmers goes beyond the basics. We offer extra options designed to safeguard you from unexpected losses, coverage gaps, and everyday issues on the road of life. For instance, our coverage options let you customize your policy and cover yourself from:

  • Roadside emergencies
  • Fender benders
  • Speeding tickets
  • Car break ins
  • No-fault accidents
  • Rideshare coverage
  • And more!


Customize your policy with coverage options that fit your needs, like:

New Car Pledge

Just get a new car? Make sure it’s covered with this option! If your car is totaled in the first 2 model years (or 24,000 miles) of ownership, we pledge to replace it with a brand new model (less any applicable deductible). If you need minor repairs too, Farmers makes sure they only use original manufacturer parts (if available).

Accident Forgiveness

You’re normally a great driver, but you just had your first claim in years and you’re nervous about your rate changing. Well, if you have this option, don’t worry! Farmers will forgive one accident for every three years you drive without one.

Small Claim Forgiveness

Cause a little fender bender, and worried your rate may go up? With this option, your rates will never change because of a small accident even if it’s your fault.

Incident Forgiveness

Get a speeding ticket or roll through a stop sign? These things happen, even to good drivers. That’s why, with this option, Farmers won’t increase your rates for getting a citation, as long no one files a claim.footer note*

Loss of Use

Can’t use your car after an accident and need to use public transit, cabs, or a rental to get around? With this Loss of Use option, Farmers will reimburse you with a flat sum for any travel expenses you incur. If your car is totaled, Farmers can reimburse you for the loss of the use of your vehicle, based on a per day and maximum limit amount.

No Fault, No Foul

If someone else caused the accident, your rates shouldn’t go up, right? Farmers knows that accidents aren’t always your fault. That’s why your rate remains unchanged when you’re not at fault for an accident that occurs while your Farmers policy is in force.footer note*

Comprehensive Claims Forgiveness

Farmers won’t increase your rate if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by bad weather.

Personal Umbrella

Personal Liability Umbrella insurance supplements the liability coverage you already have on your Auto and Homeowners policies, providing an extra layer of coverage. (Your Auto policy must have certain limits in order for you to qualify for an Umbrella policy.)

Towing & Roadside Assistance

If you’re ever broken down on the road, Farmers is here with 24/7 access to roadside assistance through Farmers Claim Services. You'll get:

  • Towing to the nearest qualified repair facility
  • Locksmith services
  • Battery "jump start"
  • Other repairs performed right where your vehicle breaks down. (Farmers will be billed directly for this service in most cases.)

Glass Repair Services

From a tiny crack to a completely smashed window, glass damage to your car can be frustrating! That’s why Farmers Claim Services can help quickly connect you with a reputable vehicle glass company in your area, to get things fixed fast. Benefits include:

  • Convenient mobile response wherever you are; home, school or office
  • Quality service and materials from a trusted source
  • 24/7 scheduling
  • National lifetime warranty good for as long as you own or lease your car

Car Rental Reimbursement

If you need a rental vehicle after an accident, trust Farmers Auto Rental Service! We’ll use our network of pre-screened, nationally-known rental car companies to find you a quality car quickly. They even offer free pickup and delivery, direct billing to Farmers, and an automatic deposit waiver.footer note*

Extended Customized Equipment Coverage

If you customized your ride with a new stereo system, subwoofer, chrome rims, spinners, or a similar feature, you may not be covered if they’re damaged or stolen. That’s why Farmers offers this option, to expand your Auto coverage for optional equipment not permanently installed in your car.

Farmers Rideshare

Farmers Rideshare makes it easy for rideshare drivers to have seamless protection. Your personal auto insurance policy wasn’t designed to provide you with coverage when you are working as a rideshare driver with companies like Uber. And, rideshare companies’ full commercial coverage doesn’t apply until you accept a ride. With Farmers Rideshare, you can avoid a potential gap in coverage by extending your personal auto insurance coverage when you are logged in and waiting to be matched with your next rider.

Talk to a Farmers agent today about going beyond basic, and customizing your Car insurance with any of these options! Or get an Auto insurance quoteand see how you can optimize your policy!

return note*Not available in all states.

This brief summary is not a policy document. Please read the actual policy documents for your state for important details on coverages, exclusions, limits, conditions and terms. If there is any conflict between this summary and the policy documents, the policy documents will control. Not all products and discounts are available in every state.